What We Do

General-purpose Mastodon server, open to everyone!

English-language SFW Mastodon server, open to everyone!


A federated alternative to Reddit and other link aggregators.


A federated Instagram alternative, powered by Pixelfed.


  • Threads

    I’ve received a lot of varying feedback on Instagram Threads, and the potential that it joins the Fediverse in the next few months. I’m also aware that there is an ongoing initiative among some instance admins to preemptively block Threads.net from federating with their server. Instances are free to block whoever they choose, but at…

  • Mastodon 4.0

    Woo-hoo! We’ve upgraded to Mastodon 4.0~ The most notable new features include: Of course there’s a TON more stuff and changes behind the scenes, if you’re interested you could check out the full changelog. P.S. I hear image uploads in the official mobile apps were fixed in 4.0.2, which we’re on currently 👀

Who We Are

Fediverse Communications LLC is a single-member (Jonah), Minnesota-based (USA) company hosting decentralized and federated social media platforms for the public to use. Our services are free, so any contributions are greatly appreciated!

But Jonah, company bad! Maybe, but I would prefer to not be sued if someone posts copyrighted content or whatever, so here we are! This a single-member organization which is not seeking investments, VC funding, etc. It’s just here to create some good times online 🙂